Christening of the MV Celine at Dublin Port

Portable Kitchens provided The Qcafé Company Ltd. with the necessary catering facilities and equipment to provide food services at the Christening of the MV Celine in Dublin Port. The temporary facilities included two Series 2000 Magnum Kitchens as well as two Series 2000 Walk in Cold Rooms, which provided extra cold storage space for the [...]

Catering Equipment Hire Solutions at Balmoral Show

Portable Kitchens has provided Posh Nosh Catering with added temporary catering equipment & facilities to support their catering offer at the 150th Balmoral Show in Lisburn. This equipment included, but was not limited to, combination ovens & and a pass through dishwasher. A modular cold room was also provided for Posh Nosh to help deliver [...]

Mini Kitchen Hire at Bradys of Shankill

Brady's Of Shankill is an Award Winning, Bord Failte accredited pub, restaurant and off license. Portable Kitchens were able to provide a temporary catering solution to enable Bradys to continue serving quality meals to their customers during a kitchen renovation. The temporary facilities included a Series 2000 Mini Kitchen and Tom Thumb Dishwashing Unit. The [...]