In the event of emergency closures due to the following




Gas Leaks

Equipment Failure

E.H.O Closure 

Portable Kitchens can provide you with a free,
site specific, disaster recovery plan for your kitchen estate

What is a disaster recovery plan?

Utilising our fleet of portable kitchens, coldrooms, dishwashers and standalone catering equipment, we can design a site specific plan, retained by your kitchen estate, which can be put into action in
the event of the above emergency closures

Why do you require a plan?

Insurance companies are recommending that as part of the Business Continuity Plan for commercial catering facilities, that a disaster recovery plan for emergency kitchen closure is documented and ready for use should an unplanned event occur

What can we provide?

Free site inspection of your
kitchen estate

Site specific disaster recovery plan
in PDF format

Access to our 24/7 emergency
contact number

*Please note that site specific plans can only be provided after we have concluded our visit to your kitchen estate*

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