Portable Kitchens provided The Qcafé Company Ltd. with the necessary catering facilities and equipment to provide food services at the Christening of the MV Celine in Dublin Port.

The temporary facilities included two Series 2000 Magnum Kitchens as well as two Series 2000 Walk in Cold Rooms, which provided extra cold storage space for the kitchen staff.

The catering equipment included, but was not limited to, a six burner oven range, double basket fryer, under-counter hot cupboard and a turbofan convection oven.

At Portable Kitchens we can tailor our service to fit your event requirements. Simply let us know what elements of our products and service you require and we can build a solution that suits you.

We understand that there’s only one chance to get it right at an event, and operations can’t stop for any reason. To make sure your event runs smoothly, all our equipment and kitchens come backed with 24 hour technical support.

The Qcafé Company Limited

Equipment Supplied
2x Series 2000 Magnum Kitchens
2x Series 2000 Walk in Cold Rooms

Additional catering equipment for large event