PKL has supplied a total of 100 KitchenPods to schools in Northamptonshire as part of the County Council’s Hot School Meals programme, designed to increase the nutritional quality of school meals.

Northamptonshire County Council embarked on a programme to equip primary schools with kitchen facilities, using a mix of renovation of existing facilities, new builds and PKL’s KitchenPods. The latter have proved particularly cost-effective in situations where there is no space in the existing school buildings to site a kitchen.

Working closely with the County Council, PKL developed three sizes of kitchen, capable of providing between 70 and 150 hot meals per day. Each is sized to have extra capacity to account for estimated increases in pupil numbers. Where the KitchenPods could not be sited close to existing buildings, regeneration trolleys were supplied.

PKL’s KitchenPods are available in a number of diverse designs with an extensive choice of equipment layouts to suit each school’s requirements, ranging from regeneration of pre-prepared meals to hot production of school meals. They can also be provided in a range of finishes to help them integrate with existing school buildings.

PKL is responsible for the service and maintenance of both the KitchenPods that were procured on a contract rental basis and those that were purchased outright. The maintenance contract covers both building and equipment within each KitchenPod, with the county paying a single fee which covers all parts, service, maintenance, labour, replacement equipment and preventative maintenance of each kitchen.

Northamptonshire County Council

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To provide primary schools with kitchen facilities