Hot Weather Advice for Refrigeration Equipment

With Summer in full swing, your refrigeration equipment can come under increasing pressure to retain its optimal performance. Our Service Engineer, Mark Eagleson, provides his top 7 tips to help the performance of your refrigeration equipment during the summer.

To help your refrigeration equipment during periods of hot weather, taking the following steps should help:

  • Where possible, pull fridges and freezers away from the wall to allow air to circulate overnight

  • Minimise the regularity of opening & closing fridge and freezer doors

  • Ensure that, where possible, brand new food stock is already pre-chilled

  • Do not prop open fridge or freezer doors open during goods loading

  • Use counter top electric fans to aid the circulation of air around refrigeration equipment

  • Check that air grilles are not obstructed by boxes or other equipment

  • Check that the internal evaporator is not obstructed by food


Looking To Hire Refrigeration Equipment?

If you are struggling or experiencing difficulties with your current equipment, or simply require some additional catering equipment to help you through the summer, we have a large range of refrigeration equipment and cold rooms available for long or short term hire.

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