Garbage Guzzlers

The Garbage Guzzler is an aerobic food waste digester which is capable of digesting up to 2,000 litres of food waste a week, reducing it in volume by up to 70% in 24 hours, and leaving an output that can be used as soil improver or biomass fuel.

If it can go into a food waste bin, then it’s more than likely it can go into a Garbage Guzzler. The waste digesters will also digest compostable packaging, as long as it is shredded first and mixed in with food waste.

If you are not already, you will need to separate your food waste to ensure that you are not contaminating the material going into the Garbage Guzzler.

Soil Improver

The output from the Garbage Guzzler can be used as a soil improver. Like the digestate biomass, the output produced is rich in composition, but it can be mixed with other materials to make compost. This could benefit horticultural organisations.

Biomass Fuel

The Garbage Guzzler can be set to create a digestate biomass fuel, which can be put directly into a biomass boiler. The digestate created from a GG1000/2000 machine will supplement rather than replace biomass fuel, but it is still usable for this means.

Digestion Feedstock

The digestate can be used as feed stock for Anaerobic digestion plants. Not only should the digestate be clean and contaminant free once it has gone through the digestion process, but is can also hold up to 4x the biogas that a normal feedstock would hold.

Product Range

Portable Kitchens provide two standard models of Garbage Guzzler which are capable of taking up to 1000 litres or 2000 litres of food waste each week. A number of larger units are also available, so if you need something bigger, please get in touch.

Garbage Guzzler GG 1000

Garbage Guzzler GG 2000

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